With the changing tide in greater equality for gay marriage in the Washington DC area, couples are traveling from across the country to hold their weddings here. I have had the honor to document some truly amazing gay weddings, but my gay clients had to first establish how "gay friendly" I was before making the commitment to book me. I get phone calls on a daily basis asking me if I am gay friendly even, though I do have a few same sex couples' wedding pictures on my website.  

Then I thought about it, well, my portfolio is overwhelmingly heterosexual. Why is that? Why are gay couples having a hard time finding quality professionals to capture their wedding day that heterosexual couples don’t even have to think about when planning their wedding? Many of the area’s leading wedding photographers showcase hetero-weddings, yet they would work with gay couples at the drop of a hat. We simply are not showcasing that side of our business as much as we should, which makes no sense.  

As photographers, many different communities equally appreciate our talents; sometimes, even more so by the gay community. This may be a generalization, but based on my experience working with both sides of the equation, my gay couples get it. No need to explain. They trust me not as their wedding photographer, but they trust me as the artist that they secured to document their historic day. So what is the difference between documenting a straight wedding or a gay one? Nothing. There is no difference whatsoever. When your goal is to document the chemistry between two people, that slight smirk, the tear rolling off a chin, the end result is the same. Love is love, no matter the shape or size or sexual orientation. The only major difference is my gay couples had to travel a harder road in life to get to the alter, be it because of society, laws, acceptance or just the process of coming out of the closet. What that challenging journey means something that most couples could never understand on their wedding day. The emotions present on a gay wedding day are tangible and that alone translates in the depth of the images. Capturing the true emotion of a wedding is what a good photographer does, regardless of who is saying "I do."  

Diana Lewkowicz opened a boutique photography studio in Falls Church, Virginia mid- December 2012 to expand her wedding photography business portfolio.  She is married with two energetic sons and four unruly chickens in her backyard.


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